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About Painters Blackburn | Prime Painting Group

Since 2002 we’ve been continually delivering painting services of the highest quality. We have the necessary skills and experience to attend to painting project of all sizes both domestic and commercial.

We’re committed to becoming your painters for life and know that the only way to achieve this is provide outstanding painting services at great rates. The level of repeat business and referrals we have received over the years suggests that we’re doing extremely well.


All pf our painters have the necessary experience for the project they’re assigned to. You can always trust that we’ll have the best painter for the job attend to your project. Our experience means we never succumb to environmental issues and always get the job done to the highest quality.


While remaining friendly and approachable at all times you’ll also find our painters to be extremely professional. We understand that when painting we’re entering your environment and it’s always important to conduct ourselves in the right manner. Whether we’re painting at your place of work or home you’re always assured of our professional conduct that will have minimal impact on your daily routines.


We continually strive to ensure our prices are as affordable as possible for all projects. We do this by being efficient with everything we do and eliminating all wastage. By providing free quotes we remove any ambiguity and surprises from the process. With Prime Painting Group you know that you’re getting painters of the highest quality at the best rate possible.

Painters in Blackburn

Painters in Blackburn

This business listing is to help you find the premier painters in Blackburn. Since 2002 the team behind Prime Painting Group have been providing industry leading services for projects of all shapes and sizes. For experienced and professional painters in Blackburn contact Prime Painting Group today.